Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Nollaig na mBan Womens Little Christmas

Nollaig na mBan Womens Little Christmas

This tradition in Ireland has stayed
through time
Although in modern days it’s a bit
more refined
If you have not heard of it let me
enlighten you
Because it’s a tradition that ladies in
other places may like to do

At Christmastime a women’s work is
never done
It is worry and stress no time for
any fun
Men in the past never got involved in these
preparations for Christmas festivities
Woman of old accepted this and let
the men get on with their activities

But in Ireland where large families
gave woman a very hard time
On the 6th day of January all ladies
had a jolly old time
The men folk took over all household
and in the pubs all the women flooded
through forbidden doors

They saved their pennies just for this day
Took over the pubs supping ale and
generally making hay
They drank into the evening chatting and
singing not interrupted by texts or phone calls
So any dilemmas at home to the men did befall

So ladies why not become Irish for this day
Leave all your chores and party the 6th away
Let your menfolk deal with any fall out
Just tell them it’s Nollaig na mBan and that’s
what today’s all about

by Margmax 2016

Friday, 1 May 2015

May Day

Here we are bank holiday
starting the first day of May
So you would expect the weather
to be getting warmer by the day
But I find I am forced to revert to
my winter wardrobe
‘Cause it’s cauld oot there
hinny enough to freeze off
your earlobes

So how do you spend your
weekend when the weather is like this
Gardening is not very inviting so I
think I will give that a miss
I could start the decorating I really
need to make a push
But I am easily persuaded not to
be in a rush

The roads will be busy the shops
crowded too
All with folk who are trying to find
bank holiday things to do
When you are retired these holidays
no longer count
Indeed you prefer weekdays when
the workers are not out and about

by Margmax

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hello Sunday
what you going to do today
What shall I do to melt
your hours away
The weather is not sunny so
outside pursuits look glum
Not much to do outside when
there is no sun

Inside it’s warm and there is
no wind or rain
My senses tell me amuse yourself
indoors but chores are a pain
I have whittled away most of the
morning on my laptop it’s true
So it only leaves part of the day
to look for things to do

As a child I thought Sundays were
boring and not fun at all
How I changed my mind when work
made it’s call
Now in retirement Sunday’s are not
important one day is much as any other
But I do prefer it when most of the population
has their employment to cover

But wait - this Sunday I have an appointment
for lunch
It’s a Christmas date a bit late but we are all
a retiree bunch
So no crackers to pull or Christmas lights
festooned around
and hopefully not a Christmas dinner on the
menu will be found

So enjoy your Sunday with whatever you do
Be it planned or spontaneous it’s up to you
Because tomorrow is the start of a whole new
seven days
So make your Sunday special in your own little

by Margmax 2015

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Winter is on it's way

Winter is peeping through
there’s a nip in the air
Out come the gloves, scarfs
and things to cover our hair
Away go the sandals, flipflops
and such like
Out come the boots, wellingtons
and shoes that have spikes

Out come the stockings and tights
the leg tan is gone
and indeed is it worth your toes
having nail varnish on
Bring out the clothes that have long
and dresses, skirts and trousers to
cover your knees

On goes the heating and the
winter duvet
Almost time to put the garden
ornaments away
On go the lights earlier day
by day
Oh yes winter is surely on it’s way.....

by Margmax

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

If I Was Rich

If I was rich what would I do?
Would I live life different ? I think
I would have to
Would I go shopping every day?
in boutique shops in a flamboyant way

Would I stop cooking and eat all
my meals out?
In swanky restaurants who charge the
earth for meals consisting of nowt
Would I employ someone to do my
‘Cause if it’s their job then they
cannot shirk

Would I fly around visiting here and
Never in my own bed ‘cause I am always
in the air
Would I move house so my home stands
No neighbours to chat to - well I would
never be home

Maybe being rich is not all it’s cracked
up to be
Maybe I like just being “me”
So those 6 little lottery numbers that
are so hard to find
Can go on escaping me - I don’t think I mind
by Margmax 2014

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mr Sun Where Are You

Mr Sun Where Are You

I wish someone would tell the Sun it’s Summer
‘cause I don’t think he knows
He must be a bit mixed up about when he’s
supposed to show
My plants in the garden are feeling quite
It was warm when I planted them but now
they’re cold so was I silly?

Never cast a clout ‘till May is out I surely
did ignore
I was lulled by the early sun and thought
Summer has arrived once more
I have covered some with polythene to
shelter from any frost
Well I don’t want them to freeze to death
just think about the cost

I have checked the weather forecast - it
seems a bit up and down
I have switched my heating on and off the
bill will surely make me frown
So my little plants must be quite confused
I bet they wish they had a switch that they
could use

So Mr Sun will you please show your face
If you would like to repeat last summer’s show
well that would just be ace
We really like to see you and you know we
would enjoy your rays
So give Mr Cloud the elbow ‘cause he has
had his turn for too many days

by Margmax 2014

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas is Done

Christmas and New Year all gone and done
What’s next in seasonal line to give us a bit fun
Has to be Valentine’s Day for some of us folk
But if you are my age it’s now just a bit of a joke

Of course before that you may have a birthday
to celebrate
Making not one but two forthcoming dates
So once all the shops are done with selling off
their Christmas goods
They will fill up with lovey dovey tokens and
Valentine type foods

And then comes Mother’s Day a kind of
blackmail event
Because who can ignore it and forget how
much their mother has always meant
Close on it’s heels we have Easter Sunday
With chocolate eggs and of course a
bank holiday

I consider that the bank holidays which
follow are best
Because it’s summer and your gift buying
can have a little rest
Until Halloween enters the autumn scene
Then it’s costumes and candy for trick a treating

Followed close by Guy Fawkes and fireworks
to light up the sky
But on safety grounds you can visit a display
that has been organized
Then guess what Christmas has arrived 
Didn't that 12 month fly and 2014 well the
four will soon be a five

by Margmax